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Ind-Swift strongly believes in environmentalism i.e. concern for the preservation, restoration or improvement of the natural environment such as the conservation of natural resources, prevention of pollution, etc.

Therefore we ensure:

  • To use innovative methods and technologies in such a way so as to have the highest standards of safety, environment and health.
  • To reduce hazardous waste contents in the air, water and land through various effective processes.
  • To continuously invest in the up-gradation and growth of our facilities and manufacturing capabilities so as to ensure better environmental practices.
  • To reduce the possibility of accidents, loss of life, damage to machinery or property by providing regular training to the employees.
  • To strictly adhere to CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) guidelines for manufacturing processes.
  • Our Target is to :
    • Reduce energy consumption by 15-20%.
    • Reduce travel trip and long distance travel by 30-40%.
    • Reduce consumption of paper by 50%.
    • Tree plantations.
    • Water and rain water harvesting .