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With various collaborations and partnerships we are poised to help those sections of the society which are deprived of even the basic needs. We have recently collaborated with Roche Diagnostics to expand Trop T rapid assay in India. Troponin-T is used to measure damage to the heart muscle and to differentiate between non-cardiac chest pains and heart attacks. Heart Attack is one of the major reasons of death now a days with the help of this partnership Ind-swift will provide these heart attack detecting test kits at a very low cost, which will be easily affordable by major part of the population in India and thus masses will get access to this affordable test and save their lives. This initiative by Ind-Swift will definitely save many lives and definitely will benefit various segments of the society who cannot afford expensive treatment.

We also have an especially incorporated Institution division which helps to achieve the government objective of making best quality medicines available to the common man at affordable prices. Our dedicated team is striving to make our affordable medicines available at almost every hospital in India.