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NDDS products developed by the company
Products Therapeutic Segment
Clarie DT (Dispersible Tablet) Macrolide
Clarie OD Macrolide
Clarie SR (Sustained Release) Macrolide
Excef DT (Dispersible Tablet) Antibiotic
Suprox SR (Sustained Release) Vasodilator
Fexidine Kid Tab (Dispersible Tablet) Anti histamine
Netazox DT (Dispersible Tablet) Anti diarrhea
Agile SR Tab (Sustained Release) Anti inflammatory
Askil tablet (mouth dissolving) Anti inflammatory
Roxy Kid Tab Macrolide
Montelukast chewable tablet Anti asthmatic
Metformin SR (Sustained Release) Anti diabetic
Acamprostate enteric coated Anti alcoholic
Global Launch Status (with regard to the originator)
Products Status
Clarithromycin dispersible tablets First
Fexofenadine dispersible tablets/ mouth dissolving NDDS First
Roxithromycin taste masked granules First
Roxithromycin dispersible tablets First
Clarithromycin taste masked granules Second
Clarithromycin sustained release tablets Second
Netazoxanide dispersible tablets/ dry syrup Second