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Today Ind-Swift is at a reigning pedestal and it enjoys a dominant position in various therapeutic segments. Ind-Swift believes that quality healthcare services have no boundaries and thus it plan to spread its wings by diversifying into the Herbal and Nutraceutical and OTC divisions. The objective is to create a good balance in all therapeutic areas.

 Nutraceutical Division :

The carefree and indulgent lifestyle that most of us follow today, leads to many lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiac and neurological disorders. Thus it is important to maintain a proper lifestyle with healthy options. The Nutraceutical division, which is in the pipeline, will manufacture products that offer healthy options and are in sync with today’s lifestyle. These products will not compromise on taste and convenience but at the same time will make your life more wholesome and functional. This division will produce healthy, nutritious and reliable health foods.

 OTC Division :

It is Ind-Swift’s persistent endeavour to introduce new products and expand the already existing product range and thereby increasing the market share of its products. Ind-Swift is also venturing into the OTC market by opening its own division.