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   Training and Development
»  After a long and explorative competency mapping the training needs of the employees are analyzed.
»  The training programmes are fixed up for every individual on the basis of priority.
»  A training calendar is drawn up for the Year, which is open to additions / editions on the basis of business and individual needs.
»  The training is primarily of ‘on The Job’ nature, so the employees practice what they learn,immediately.
»  Seminars / talks are also arranged/ approved for the employees
    Employee Performance Management
»  Key Result Areas of the employees are fixed up by a mutual discussion between the immediate senior and the employee himself/herself.
»  The performance is appraised on a quarterly basis to assess the employee’s progress, and to provide him support.
»  At the end of the Year the performance of the employee is analyzed.
»  Appreciation of and rewarding good performance and motivating the rest to achieve higher levels is the purpose of a good Performance Management System, which ISL practices.