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Ind-Swift has always strived to safeguard the interests of its stakeholders and thus maximise their wealth. Not only its stakeholders but also its customers, employees and associates have always been protected by Ind-Swift.

In order to fulfil this objective, Ind-Swift has adopted sound principles of corporate governance incorporating the higher standard of professionalism, integrity, accountability and fairness. These are inclined to corporate values of transparency at all levels, social responsiveness, high ethics and good corporate practices while accomplishing the company’s business objectives. The group strongly believes that a system of governance protects the interest of all the stakeholders by inculcating a strong sense of accountability within the management. Through appropriate organisation structures, the company has put in place various system and internal control measures for corporate governance. Transparency, openness, accountability and truthfulness are the cornerstones of effective corporate governance within the company.

1. Email Address for Grievance Redressal and other relevant details

2. Contact information of the Designated Officials of the Listed Entity who are responsible for Assisting and handling Investor Grievance

Key Managerial Personnel Authorised for Determining Materiality of events:
  • 1. Dr Gopal Munjal- CEO & Managing Director.
  • 2. Mr. Arun Seth- Chief Financial Officer.

The above named persons can be contacted at email id: